John Hopkins Study Exposes ineffectiveness of Lockdowns

Concord, NH – NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement on John Hopkins latest findings on the utility of lockdowns in relation to Covid-19 mortalities:

Recent study findings from John Hopkins University confirmed what Republicans have been saying all along: Lockdown policies are not only ineffective towards pandemic preparedness but inherently damaging towards communities as a whole,” Said Chairman Stephen Stepanek. 

“Findings showed that lockdowns had little effect on Covid-19 mortality, only reducing rates by .2%. Three leading economists did what we’ve been pushing Democrats to do over the last two years, removing the politics from the science to design data-driven policy. And while Granite Staters were lucky enough to have had Governor Chris Sununu’s common-sense-based approach toward the pandemic, many other states went in an opposite direction. 

“Even now, while science has continued to support our children returning to the classroom, Democrats stay tied to the will of Teachers Unions, forcing remote access with no evidence to support why. Democrat-sponsored bills HB113 and SB235 would allow New Hampshire schools to enforce remote access forever, ensuring some students may never return to the classroom. 

“Every business, every family, every student, and every American deserves to get back on track like Governor Chris Sununu has allowed for Granite Staters, and this study clearly supports the right to do so.”

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