Tom Sherman For Tax Hikes!

Concord, NH – NHGOP Executive Director Elliot Gault released the following statement following Senator Tom Sherman’s potential gubernatorial candidacy: 

“The last thing New Hampshire needs right now is a tax cut” 

– Senator Tom Sherman
Senator Tom Sherman in his own words: “The last thing New Hampshire needs right now is a tax cut”

We would argue the most devastating thing for New Hampshire right now is Tom Sherman in the Governor’s Office.

Even as the policies of Biden Administration keep inflation on the rise and supply chain shortages present, New Hampshire Democrats are sticking to a failed tune: a cry to raise taxes on New Hampshire families and small businesses.

In this video from a Democratic Party Town Committee meeting, Senator Sherman makes his stance on taxes crystal clear, saying: “The last thing NH needs right now is a tax cut.” With Sherman topping the ticket, NH Democrats are once again embracing higher taxes that will drag down our prosperous economy and hurt the bottom line of families across the state.
What’s worse is Tom Sherman’s record supporting his commitment to hiking taxes. As a State Senator, Tom Sherman sponsored SB 1 – a state income tax – and has since repeatedly advocated for tax increases on Granite State families and small businesses.

Over the last two years, Governor Sununu has worked alongside Republicans in Concord to jump-start our state’s post-pandemic recovery through essential tax cuts. The relief provided by Governor Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans has allowed for continuous growth of small business here in the Granite State, delivering record breaking state revenues. 
When Republicans cut taxes, our small businesses thrived and revenues BOOMED!

Does Maggie Hassan, after just discovering an appetite for cutting taxes despite making a career out of raising and creating them, agree with Senator Sherman that the last thing NH needs is a tax cut?

Governor Sununu’s common-sense fiscal approach remains the only safeguard between Granite Staters and NH Democrats’ tax hike objectives, a fact voters aren’t likely to forget.

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