WHEREAS, a convention is required by RSA 667:21 and Article I, 3, B, (2) of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee By-Laws (the “By-Laws”), to effect an organization for the New Hampshire Republican Party (the “Party”), for the following two years; and

WHEREAS, the term “County” shall in context of this resolution refer to the County and City Committees which by virtue of their population, have a representative on the Executive Committee and who may, pursuant Article V, 1, C of the By-Laws, elect to organize and operate separately from the County Committee in the county where they are located; and

WHEREAS, the Party nominees and delegates to the State Convention from each County are required after the November election to elect a County Committee on or before December 15, 2024, consisting of such number of persons as this Convention shall by vote apportion to each county; and

WHEREAS, the members of the committees thus chosen shall constitute the State Committee of the Party; and

WHEREAS, the County and City Committees that shall be designated as members of the New Hampshire State Committee Executive Committee are those as provided for in the By-Laws; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the membership of the County and City Committees of the Republican Party for the ten counties and the City Committees of the cities of Concord, Manchester, Nashua and Derry shall be identical in number and apportionment as the delegates authorized for this Convention by New Hampshire RSA 662:6, plus one for each County or City Chairperson, who shall be a member of his or her County or City Committee, plus the elected and appointed officers of the State Committee, plus the number of county government officials elected in each county, plus the Senate President of the New Hampshire State Senate (or the Republican Leader, if the President is not a Republican), the Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives (or Republican Leader, if the Speaker is not a Republican) and the Governor of the State, if the Governor is a Republican. The membership shall also include a member of the Executive Council, chosen by the other Republican Councilors, and the Republican members of the Congressional Delegation, to wit:

Authorized Membership:

County CommitteesEx-Officio
Belknap County26Chairman1
Carroll County23Vice Chairman1
Cheshire County30Secretary1
Coos County17Asst. Secretary1
Grafton County34Treasurer1
Hillsborough County71Asst. Treasurer1
City of Manchester33Regional Vice Chairmen5
City of Nashua27County and City Chm.14
Merrimack County40Finance Chairman1
City of Concord13Asst. for Recruitment1
Rockingham County89FEC Compliance Officer1
Town of Derry10National Committeeman1
Strafford County46National Committeewoman1
Sullivan County21Governor (if Republican)

Senate President (or GOP Leader)

  House Speaker (or GOP Leader)1
  Executive Councilor1
  Congressional Delegation (GOP only)4
Total RSA 662:6 + 8 county officials:  480  Total Ex-Officio  38
Grand Total518  

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that each committee within the above limits shall be constituted without regard to race, creed, sex or national origin; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that as soon as possible after the November election, but prior to and including December 15, 2024, the Party nominees and Party delegates elected from the several counties and cities identified above shall caucus in accordance with Article V, 3, A of the By-Laws for the purpose of electing members of the State Committee for the 2025-2026 biennium. The State Committee Chairman will be responsible for notifying all Party nominees and elected Party delegates by mail at least ten days before the day of the caucus. The results shall be reported to the State Committee Chairman no later than December 15, 2024.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the membership of each County and City Committee may be apportioned geographically in the same manner as the delegates are elected to this convention pursuant to RSA 662:6, except as otherwise permitted by the Executive Committee of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee or the By-Laws.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that By-Laws amendments enacted during the 2025-2026 biennium affecting the subject matter of this Organization Report, i.e., the organization of and membership in the State Committee, shall be deemed to automatically modify inconsistent provisions of this Organization Report with no further action by the Convention.

Submitted this 13th day of April 2024

Rep. Wayne MacDonald

Joseph Gagnon

Liz Barbour

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