Democrats Vote Against Giving EFA Access to Students in Failing Schools

February 15, 2024
CONTACT: JR Hoell at [email protected]

Concord, NH– NH State Representative JR Hoell (R-Dunbarton) released the following statement after the House defeated HB1677, relative to participation in the education freedom accounts based on school or school district proficiency scores, on a vote of 192-174.

“I am disappointed that the House Democrats voted to defend failing school systems. There are school districts that are failing to teach our students and prepare them for the next level. As legislators, we should have a common goal, allow students to have the best education possible.”

“We have made the education choice argument about whether or not parents can afford to give their children another option, but when it comes to how children are placed in schools, parents have no options. Currently, students are separated into schools by two factors, zip code and birthday, regardless if the school is underperforming.”

“Let’s take Manchester, the largest district in the state, as an example. Their ELA proficiency is 28%. Their math proficiency is 19%. Their science proficiency is 14%. Those scores are not proficient, and the current way the state handles this is to just throw more money at the district without addressing any underlying cause as to why the district is underperforming.”

“HB1677 is about giving those students and their families an option. If a school is not meeting a certain level of proficiency, students should have an option to find an education method that best fits their needs. No student should be forced to stay in a school that is not meeting their needs because of their zip code.”


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