Safe Haven Baby Protections Protect Life

CONCORD, NH – The NH Republican Women announced their support for House Bill 1607, Relative to Expansion of Safe Haven Protections.

HB 1607 would provide a safe haven device to allow a mother in crisis to safely, securely and anonymously surrender her newborn, up to 61 days, if she is unable to care for the child.

The Safe Haven Baby box is installed in an exterior wall of a designated fire station or hospital. The box is equipped with an exterior door that automatically locks and initiates an alarm that notifies the hospital, law enforcement agency, or fire department where the device or container is located. Thus allowing for the medical staff member inside to immediately care for the surrendered newborn.

The safe haven law is focused on the well being of the mother and child and offers a 24 hour hotline to help women in crisis, while also providing care for her newborn.

The NH Republican women are committed to the ensuring that women facing difficult life choices are supported and that these difficult decisions are treated with compassion and respect, while maintaining the health and well-being of both mother and child.
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