Senator Hassan’s Voting Record to Keep an Open Border

November 1st, 2022

‍Mackenzie Rohde
[email protected]

Concord, NH – The NHGOP released the following statement in regard to Senator Hassan’s ongoing voting record to keep an open border:

“It must be either Halloween or election season if Senator Hassan is masquerading as a border hawk. For six long years in the Senate, she has voted part and parcel for the liberal agenda that has enabled a porous southern border, including supporting the elimination of Title 42 just months ago. As a result, parents are having to sift through their kids’ Halloween hauls to root out rainbow fentanyl disguised as candy. Next week, anyone who wants a stronger border has a clear choice and that starts by retiring Senator Hassan.”


In 2021 ALONE, Hassan voted not once, not twice, but three times against legislation that would continue to fund wall construction at the Southern Border:

But Hassan’s weakness on border security and illegal immigration goes back much further. Hassan has also voted AGAINST the Remain in Mexico policy and in August voted FOR eliminating Title 42, even though she said she supports it. In fact, all the way back in 2008 Hassan voted to kill a bill in the State Senate that would prohibit New Hampshire from acting as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

This summer, Hassan also voted against Sen. Rick Scott’s measure to prioritize hiring Border Patrol agents over IRS auditors, and against Sen. Rob Portman’s measure to fund the detection of illegal narcotics including deadly opioids. 

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