Republican Women of
New Hampshire

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NH GOP Chairman Chris Ager passionately acknowledges the crucial role women play in shaping New Hampshire’s political landscape. That’s why he’s established a dedicated committee, led by the dynamic RNC Elect Committeewoman Mary Jane Beauregard, to uplift Republican women’s voices across the state.

This is not a club and does not require membership – it’s an open call for women like YOU to take action:

  • Stay informed with emails: [Sign up Below]
  • Engage in your local Republican Town Committee: (Local County Committees)
  • Support grassroots efforts by becoming a donor with a $20 recurring monthly or One Time donation: Donate today
  • Volunteer your time and talent for local and federal candidates: [Join our team]

Republican women are a uniting force that values family, freedom, and equality. Together, we are the driving force for preserving the Granite State’s political arena and the NH Advantage.

As we celebrate women supporting New Hampshire, let’s roll up our sleeves and win seats at all levels – from local boards to federal positions. Now is the time to keep New Hampshire red, ensuring no income tax, no sales tax, not now, not ever!

Be a part of the change you wish to see. Let’s keep New Hampshire strong and free! Come meet some of the most dynamic Republican Women in NH by attending these events:


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