Republicans Appalled at Democrat Attempts to Strip EFA’s from Students, Applaud Efforts to Expand Program

February 15, 2023
Chris Ager
[email protected]

Concord, NH – House Democrats unconscionably voted in lockstep to force Education Freedom Account (EFA) students back into schools that weren’t meeting their needs, in stark contrast to Republican proposals to expand access to better meet the needs of Granite State students. In response Chairman Ager released the following statement:

“New Hampshire Democrats seeking to undermine and roll back Education Freedom in New Hampshire should take note: this wildly successful program is here to stay.

Republicans are all in on ensuring every child gets the opportunity to seek an education that fits their needs. We thank Governor Sununu for proposing an expansion to NH’s Education Freedom Program in his biennial budget.

When we hear Democrats clamor for more and more education funding, remember it’s only funding that goes to government schools and their union bosses that they care about. Forcing kids back into schools that don’t fit their needs is incomprehensible.

To prepare our next generation for the future we need an all of the above approach to give families as much choice and opportunity for excellence as possible.”


House Republicans and the Governor have proposed several efforts to expand access to Education Freedom Accounts to low- and middle-income families as well as families with children in foster care, migratory children homeless youth, children in military families, English language learners, persistently bullied students, children with disabilities, children with a manifest educational hardship, and children eligible for a free or reduced price meal.

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