Republican Policy Reflects Granite State Values

June 24, 2024

CONCORD, NH – The New Hampshire Republican State Committee unveiled a six-figure awareness campaign to combat Democrat gaslighting on abortion in New Hampshire and ensure Granite Staters are informed on the law, one of the most lenient in the country, which does NOT ban abortion for Granite Staters.

NHGOP Chairman Chris Ager kicked off the announcement with the following statement:

“On the second anniversary of the Dobbs Decision, Democrats are still using fear, name calling, emotional rhetoric and lies for the purpose of winning elections. If elected in Concord, they promise to undo the common-sense late-term measures Republicans put into place, which are on par with our liberal neighbors and will enact their failed economic, crime and border policies,” Ager said.

“Republicans, on the other hand, have demonstrated that we represent everyday Granite Staters. Over the past eight years Republicans have grown the New Hampshire Advantage, promoted pro-growth policies to help families, and championed the Live Free or Die way of life we all love and cherish,” the Chairman continued.

“Today, the NH Republican Party announces a six-figure awareness campaign to inform the citizens of NH on our current law, highlight Democrats extremism on this issue, and outline our pro-family approach to helping women and young families.

“Visit our web page at https://abortionfactsnh.org

State Senate Majority Leader Sharon Carson added:

“Our Republican majority put into place a common-sense law, in line with most of the country including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York. Democrats insist on removing this late-term provision, allowing abortion for healthy women and babies up to the point of birth. Granite Staters overwhelmingly approve of the current law, oppose late-term abortion, and will not fall for the fear-mongering the Democrats are pushing,” Carson said.

“While they continue to campaign solely on this issue, Granite Staters are struggling thanks to the Biden administration and are looking for common sense solutions to the real issues they’re facing: increased energy costs, higher grocery bills, and ever-increasing crime due to Biden’s negligence on immigration,” she added.

“Republicans have been growing New Hampshire’s economy for eight years, and we will continue to find solutions to issues faced by our neighbors when we are re-elected in November. The choice is clear.”

Representative Jodi Nelson of Derry continued with:

“As a Representative, it’s important for me that our constituents know what we are doing in Concord. This is an emotional issue for many voters, and as legislators we recognize that – but it’s important voters understand the truth,” Nelson said.

“New Hampshire’s law is not a ban. Abortion is legal in New Hampshire under our law, and our laws are incredibly similar to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and other liberal-run states.”

“Current law stipulates that abortion is legal through 24 weeks, which is six months of pregnancy, for any reason. After that, abortion is legal for certain reasons, including the health of the mother or fatal fetal syndromes,” Jodi continued. “When re-elected to the majority, this will not change.”

“We encourage all voters who are passionate about this issue to learn the facts about New Hampshire’s law and tune out the fear-based rhetoric from the Democrats. You can learn more at abortionfactsnh.org.”

Manchester GOP Treasurer Samantha Faucher said the following:

“As a young woman, it’s easy for us to be hyper emotional about this issue, making us vulnerable. The Democrats are taking advantage of our vulnerability to feed us lies and deceptive narratives to maintain power. They don’t care about us,” Faucher started.

“Joyce Craig has claimed that ‘reproductive rights are under attack in New Hampshire’, and has called Republican candidates ‘extreme’ on this issue that represent a ‘direct threat’ to women’s rights,” Faucher continued. “Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact Maura Healey’s Massachusetts has almost the exact same law as New Hampshire – yet Craig is proud to campaign with the progressive Massachusetts governor!”

“Cinde Warmington has called the law ‘dangerous’ and promises to repeal it, which would make us one of only five other states with no late-term restrictions at all. Cinde, let’s be real, you’re the dangerous one.”

“What we know is Democrats spent millions and millions of dollars in 2022 on this issue trying to implement their progressive policies in New Hampshire – and they failed. Republicans kept control of the House, Senate, Executive Council, and Governor’s office despite their huge influx of out of state money to scare us, young women, on this issue.”

“Here’s the real bottom line: they have to run on this issue because they have nothing else. Biden’s administration has caused record inflation. Record illegal immigration. The Democrats can’t talk about how they’re beholden to special interests and teachers’ unions that prioritize not the education of children, but their own self interests. They don’t care about us.”

“These out of touch Democrats have nothing but lies, deceit, gaslighting and fear mongering, and we’re not falling for it.”

State Representative Candidate Sayra DeVito concluded with:

“As a proud Granite Stater, mother, and Republican, I am eager to collaborate with my colleagues in Concord to advocate for the women of New Hampshire and tackle the challenges they face. That includes providing alternatives and support for young women who find themselves in difficult circumstances, ensuring that they have compassionate solutions when making life-changing decisions,” DeVito started.

“We must find ways to support women in the position where they are considering an abortion – and that starts with making adoption easier, empowering communities that support these women, and ensuring they have access to maternal healthcare – not just abortion clinics – but real healthcare that can guide them through the tough nine months of pregnancy.”

“Becoming a mother is the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life, and I was fortunate to have a strong support system when I started this journey. My goal is to ensure that the government does not get in the way of young women finding a strong support system of their own, so they can find alternatives to let the child live instead of proceeding with an abortion. We must work together across the aisle to ensure that every expecting mother has options, support, compassion, and the flexibility to save these lives.”

“We will promote legislation that promotes healthy families, child well-being and support systems for mothers and children, and according to polling data, the number one reason women choose to have an abortion is due to financial circumstances. NH Republicans are committed to improving our economy and creating an environment where women feel comfortable and secure to have a family.“


The ad campaign will consist of a series of videos and graphics designed to inform Granite Staters of the truth and fight the fear Democrats are spreading.

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