Rep. Tony Labranche Abandons NH Democratic Party

ICYMI: Representative Tony Labranche (Hillsborough-22) abandoned the New Hampshire Democrat Party to become a registered Independent. Representative Labranche cited “undemocratic” behavior and lack of support from NHDP Chair Raymond Buckley as reasoning for leaving the Democratic Party. 

Key takeaways from Rep. Labranche’s statement:

  “The Democratic party…is the least Democratic Institution, I have ever been a member of” 

  “Imagine the  New Hampshire House, except we aren’t allowed to speak and debate on the House floor, and we are not allowed to talk to one another outside of the House – That is the sad reality of the New Hampshire Democratic Party”

 “The NHDP says that it stands for minority groups… yet when I, as the youngest openly gay legislator, in the history of the United States, reached out for help, I was ignored”


Watch Rep. Labranche’s Full Statement Here

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