NHGOP Statement on Filing of FEC Complaint Against Illegal Democratic Mailers

September 28th, 2022
‍Mackenzie Rohde
[email protected]

Concord, NH – Last night WMUR broke the news that the New Hampshire Republican Party filed a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against a Democratically aligned Political Print House that sent illegal mailers without the proper disclaimers in order to deceive Republican Primary voters. Statements from the NHGOP, Chairman Stephen Stepanek, and attorney William O’brien:

“New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Stephen Stepanek stated that ‘[the NHGOP] is taking a very aggressive stand to protect the integrity of elections going forward by not allowing this to continue. We are formally filing an FEC Complaint against the groups and the mail house that illegally sent out mailers trying to influence the New Hampshire Primary.

Chairman Stepanek continued saying, ‘The party that seems to scream the loudest about election integrity is the one that is doing the most illegal actions possible. Can you imagine Republicans trying to interfere with the Democratic primary? They’d be screaming at the tops of the mountains trying to go after us.

We are not going to roll over anymore. We are standing firm and are going to make sure that going forward, the Democrats follow the rule of law, as the Republicans do.’

The FEC complaint was filed on behalf of the NHGOP by Attorney William O’brien. Attorney O’brien continued stating, ‘Over a hundred years ago, Louis Brandeis reminded us that dark money, subterfuge, and outright lies are weakened when there is transparency; for example, when voters know who is paying for a political ad. Consequently, the Federal Elections Commission requires political mailers in federal races to clearly recognize who paid for the mailing. But, in the world of political deception where the main goal is to fool voters, dark money deceivers ignore the rule. That is what Democrats did this past state primary; they pretended to advise Republican voters as to who would be their best Republican candidate.

The complaint that has been filed with the FEC is to prevent this from happening again and to tell national Democrats to stop trying to play New Hampshire citizens as fools.’”


A copy of some of the mailers can be found here, and a copy of the FEC Complaint can be found here

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