NHGOP Chairman Chris Ager Slams Democrat Hypocrisy on Recreational Cannabis Legalization

CONCORD, NH – Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives witnessed a blatant display of hypocrisy and political maneuvering as 94 Democrat legislators, more than half of their caucus present, voted to kill a bill, crafted by Republicans, to legalize recreational cannabis in our state. This bill, which had the potential to align New Hampshire with the growing number of states embracing compromise cannabis policies, was thwarted by Democrats who have repeatedly professed their support for legalization.

NHGOP Chairman Chris Ager issued the following statement in response to this disingenuous action:

“Democrats in New Hampshire have once again shown their true colors by voting against a bill to legalize recreational cannabis, despite their long-standing rhetoric in favor of such measures. This vote is a slap in the face to the countless Granite Staters who have supported these Democrats and have been advocating for cannabis reform. It is clear that the Democrats are more interested in playing political games and fundraising off empty promises than in delivering on their promises.

The hypocrisy is astounding. As soon as the vote was over, Democrat candidates for Governor began using this vote failure as a fundraising tool, trying to capitalize on their own inaction. This is not leadership; this is exploitation of the very issues they claim to champion. It is time for the people of New Hampshire to see through these tactics and demand accountability.

The Republican Party remains committed to pushing forward with policies that reflect the will of the people and bring tangible benefits to our state. We will not be deterred by the obstructionist tactics of the Democrats. We urge the voters of New Hampshire to stand with us in calling out this hypocrisy and holding elected officials accountable for their actions, not just their words.”

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