NHGOP Chairman – Child Predators are Not the Backbone of The Granite State

June 26, 2023
Jimmy Thompson
[email protected]

CONCORD, NH- Chris Ager, NHGOP Chairman, released the following statement regarding the arrest and subsequent charges against former Democrat State Representative Stacie Laughton:

“The NHGOP is deeply troubled by the recent charges against former Democrat State Representative Laughton,” said Ager.

“Child exploitation in any form is an egregious violation of our values as a society and erodes trust in our public servants. New Hampshire Democrats’ past unwavering support of Stacie Laughton is another stark contrast between the Parties priorities.

The NH Democratic State Party leadership has formally called Laughton the “Backbone of the Granite State” and expressed support for her ideals as an elected official. The NH Democratic Party Chairman has personally campaigned on Laughton’s behalf, advancing Laughton’s radical, out of touch policies. 

As a party committed to the protection of the most vulnerable in our society, we are committed to safeguarding our children from harm. We believe that every individual, regardless of their position, power, or affiliation, must be held completely accountable for their actions if found guilty of such heinous crimes.

Republicans are committed to legislation and initiatives aimed at strengthening protections for our children. Those who prey on vulnerable children must face the full force of the law. We extend our thanks and gratitude to law enforcement and agency professionals who diligently work to protect our communities and investigate crimes against our most vulnerable. Their dedication and commitment to justice are crucial in maintaining the safety and well-being of our society.” 

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