NH Dems Chairman Ray Buckley Thinks Parents Should NOT Be Involved in Their Child’s Education

Concord, NH -NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement on NHDems’ and NHDems Chairman Ray Buckley’s stance on parental involvement in education.

“NH Democratic Chairman Ray Buckley made it clear this morning where the NH Democratic Party stands on parental involvement in their child’s education. The NH Dems official stance on this issue is that parents should NOT be informed about what their own children are doing in school. They believe that parents have zero rights when it comes to knowing what’s going on inside the classroom. Their position is that the only people capable of raising their children are the NH Teachers Unions. The NH Dems want teachers to do more than teach their child math and science; they want them to raise your kids entirely, ignore the morals and lessons they’ve learned at home by their own parents and instead embrace the ones they’re getting indoctrinated with at school. NH Dems believe it is their right to raise and indoctrinate the children of NH. NH Republicans believe it is the God-given right of parents to raise their children and that right does not stop at the classroom door.”


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