New Hampshire Can’t Afford More Biden

Op-Ed by Chairman Ager.

As Joe Biden seeks a second term in the White House, the Granite State cringes. 

It’s clear that in gearing up for another run, Biden has forgotten our state. In 2020, Biden placed fifth in our First In The Nation primary, mortifying his dismal campaign. It’s no surprise then that he has disrespected New Hampshire, choosing instead to prioritize South Carolina, where he performed better in the primary. Biden is attempting to rig the primary process in his favor while stealing from us a tradition that’s over one hundred years old and cemented in New Hampshire state law. If abandoning our First In The Nation primary status wasn’t enough, his disastrous agenda has sealed the deal. 

Home heating oil costs this winter spiked 13%. It’s not a coincidence that in a state where over 40% of homes rely on fuel oil for heat – the second-most in the United States – applications for heating assistance in New Hampshire were up 35% over last year. The effects of Biden’s disastrous energy policies don’t stop there, however. Just in time for families’ summer vacations last year, gas prices in New Hampshire hit an all-time high. Joe Biden didn’t just abandon New Hampshire; he’s actively trying to destroy it. 

Since the day Biden’s vice president, Kamala Harris, showed up at the “wrong border” in New Hampshire, it’s been perfectly clear that they could not be less serious about the border crisis or the opioid epidemic. More than 6.3 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border since Biden took office. Additionally, since February 2021, nearly 35,000 pounds of deadly fentanyl has been seized, equivalent to almost 8 billion lethal doses. Fueling the opioid epidemic our state and country face, federal agents estimate that this is only about 5% – 10%, if that, of the drugs that are coming across the Mexican border. New Hampshire families have suffered greatly at the hands of opioid deaths, but Joe Biden couldn’t seem to care less.  

 Two years ago, Biden and his administration promised inflation would be “temporary.”

However, the increased cost of living thanks to Biden’s inflationary spending has led to the average American losing over $9,300 since he took office. During that same time, Americans’ real wagesincomes, and savings are down. It’s no wonder 60% of Americans think our country is on the wrong track. In fact, a majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to seek re-election, with some polls even saying only a quarter of Democrats want him to run again. In New Hampshire, Biden is already facing Democrat opposition in the primary and his decision to abandon the Granite State has been called a “total betrayal” by his own party members here. 

Unlike the reality for Democrat-led states, the effects of Biden’s reckless agenda have been softened thanks to the diligence of Governor Chris Sununu and our Republican legislature. But now, Joe Biden is campaigning to “finish the job.” Inflation worsening, crime continuing to rise, Americans killed by fentanyl coming across the open border, children being left behind, and Americans even more worse off? That’s one job this country cannot afford. In 2024, New Hampshire knows that Joe’s gotta go.

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