• Chairman

    Chris Ager

  • Vice Chairman

    Ryan Terrell

  • National Committeewoman

    Juliana Bergeron

  • National Committeeman

    William O’Brien

  • Treasurer

    Alan Glassman

  • Assistant Treasurer

    Jim MacEachern

  • Secretary

    Jane Lane

  • Assistant Secretary

    Thad Riley

  • Area 1 Vice Chair

    Mark Alliegro

  • Area 2 Vice Chair

    Tanya Donnelly

  • Area 3 Vice Chair

    Chris Buda

  • Area 4 Vice Chair

    Conrad Schoeffter

  • Area 5 Vice Chair

    JR Hoell

  • Belknap County Chair

    Gregg Hough

  • Carroll County Chair

    Wendy Richardson

  • Cheshire County Chair

    Dan LeClair

  • Coös County Chair

    Eli Clemmer

  • Grafton County Chair

    Mark Alliegro

  • Hillsborough County Chair

    Chris Maidment

  • Finance Chairman

    Mary Jane Beauregard

  • Merrimack County Chair

    Karen Testerman

  • Rockingham County Chair

    Jason Grosky

  • Strafford County Chair

    Ken Hilton

  • Sullivan County Chair

    Michael Aron

  • Concord City Chair

    Andrew Georgevits

  • Manchester City Chair

    Brittany Ping

  • Nashua City Chair

    Tom Lanzara

  • Derry Town Chair

    Jim MacEachern

  • NH Federation of Republican Women President

    Elizabeth Girard

  • Young Republican Chair

    Annie Kennedy

  • College Republican Chair

    Carson Hansford

  • Governor

    Hon. Chris Sununu

  • Executive Council

    Hon. Joseph Kenney

  • NH Senate Republican President

    Hon. Jeb Bradley

  • NH House Republican Speaker

    Hon. Sherm Packard

  • FEC Compliance Officer

    Janice Matthews

  • Assistant to the Chairman on Recruitment

    Fred Doucette

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