House and Senate Republicans Defend Parents’ Rights

March 7, 2023
Chris Ager
[email protected]

Concord, NH- House and Senate Republicans Defend Parents’ Rights in Concord with two Parental Rights bills. New Hampshire Republicans stand firmly with Granite State families and parents and our Republican majorities. Chairman Chris Ager released the following statement:

“Parents have every right to know what their children are being taught, what they’re struggling with – personal or academic.

As a parent and grandparent myself, I find it astonishing that Democrats, teachers unions, and LGBTQ+ activists are opposing this, arguing that parents do not have the right to know what is going on with their children in schools.”


House Bill 10 and Senate Bill 272 would institute a Parental Bill of Rights aimed to codify a parent’s right to raise their children and clarifies that schools are not allowed to withhold information regarding that child’s academic or emotional wellbeing.

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