Fourth Democrat Down – Another Democrat State Rep. Leaves Caucus

Concord, NH – NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement following the resignation of Stephanie Hyland (D):

“New Hampshire’s Democrat caucus is shrinking by the week, and to no fault but its own,” Said NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek.

“This year’s legislative session has exposed wide cracks within the NH Democratic Party’s foundation, as well as the deep-rooted hypocrisy and exploitation within its own ranks. 

“Whether it’s Rep. Majorie Porter (D-Hillsborough) attempting to limit school choice for NH students despite sending her own child to attend a private academy or Rep. Cathryn Harvey’s self-promoting legislation (not to mention her petty theft tendencies) – NH Democrats are leading by example in the worst of ways.

“Stephanie Hyland of Hillsborough County District 3 is the latest Democrat Representative to step away from the NH Democratic caucus in the last month, but by no means the first. 

“Representatives Tony Labranche (D-Amherst) and Ellen Read (I-Newmarket) also became Independents, referencing “undemocratic” party leadership and the pressure for Democrat Caucus members to serve as a “rubber stamp to Chairman [Ray] Buckley”.

“This is perhaps a symptom of deeper issues within their party, seeing as Chairman Buckley was also challenged for his NH Democratic Chairman seat just last year. After sweeping wins by Republicans at the state level in 2020, and continued losses within their minority –  NH Democrats are clearly in need of a new direction.”

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