600,000 Fewer Jobs Than Biden Predicted in 2021!

“The only consistency Granite Staters see with Senator Maggie Hassan is her willingness to repeatedly over-spend with the result of placing Americans in a deeper financial hole,” said NHGOP Spokesperson Maya Harvey.

“Whether it be inflation, gas price spikes, or a supply chain in crisis, her tactic remains the same – spend more taxpayer dollars. And even with these huge upticks in spending, Democrat policies continue to fail, and Granite Staters suffer. 

“In fact, Senator Hassan and fellow Democrats could have boosted job growth without imposing their $1.9 trillion spending spree. According to the Congressional Budget Office’s projection, 6.2 MILLION JOBS would have been created in 2021, without the Democrat spending package.

“Democrats had called this projection “dire”, insisting Biden’s stimulus was needed in order to ensure 7 million jobs would be created. Fast forward to 2022 – Not only did Democrats fail to hit 7 million jobs, they barely managed to meet the “dire” projection of 6.2 million. This demonstrates the one goal Democrats held all along – spend, spend, spend. They have no regard for the repercussions of their economic decisions, nor are they impacted by them. 

“Voters see right through Senator Hassan, and will remember how Democratic leadership decimated national job growth and grew financial hardships all through 2021.”

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