August 2, 2017

Statement from NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester on Obamacare Exchange Increases

For Immediate Release: August 1, 2017
Contact: Patrick Hynes, 202-321-5310
Statement from NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester on Obamacare Exchange Increases
CONCORD- NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester released the following statement regarding the massive planned increase in the New Hampshire Obamacare exchanges for 2018:
“The Democrats are fooling no one when they talk about wanting to reform healthcare. Rather than bringing forward substantive ideas to fix the disastrous healthcare problem they created, New Hampshire Democrats are using rhetoric to hide their lack of results, accomplishments, and leadership. Their solution to stabilizing NH’s individual healthcare market is to pin it on the backs of New Hampshire’s taxpayers. It is clear that the Democrats in the House & Senate have no ideas other than to increase taxes and burden consumers who are already struggling with some of the highest healthcare costs in the nation.”
“Democratic Party leaders should look to the Bipartisan Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee’s unanimous embrace of Governor Sununu’s plan to allow the New Hampshire Department of Insurance to pursue the waiver without the assessment to New Hampshire’s carriers.”
“Governor Sununu has rightfully made it clear that now is the time for all sides to bring new ideas forward that do not double down on the failed policies of Obamacare. Now is the time for serious solutions. Fortunately, it appears that Republicans are willing to get to work to defend the taxpayers of New Hampshire.”