May 29, 2017

NHGOP Statement Honoring Memorial Day

NHGOP Statement Honoring Memorial Day
Contact: Patrick Hynes, 202-321-5310
Concord, NH – Today, New Hampshire Republican State Committee (NHGOP) Chairman Jeanie Forrester released the following statement honoring Memorial Day:
“Across our state and our nation today, citizens will gather to remember, celebrate, and pay homage to the brave men and women of our communities who served and gave their lives for our peace and security.
Through memorials and dedications, we pay tribute to those who fought and died in order to preserve our way of life. With parades and backyard barbeques we celebrate the freedoms that they won for us.
And in our hearts, we recognize the solemn and irrevocable debt we owe to more than one million men and women who – because of their unparalleled bravery in service to our country – were taken from their families, their friends, and their communities too soon.
Let us remember them today and every day for paying the ultimate sacrifice.”