April 28, 2016

ICYMI: Union Leader Highlights Hassan’s Failure to Manage Spending

ICYMI: Union Leader Highlights Hassan’s Failure to Manage Spending


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This morning’s Union Leader editorial highlighted Hassan’s failure to properly manage state government – specifically, her failure to allocate funding appropriated by the Legislature to address critical services for New Hampshire’s most vulnerable citizens. Read the entire editorial here or check out excerpts below:

Union Leader: “Less than a year ago, Hassan vetoed a state budget that would have lowered business taxes, doubled the Rainy Day Fund, and increased funding for substance abuse treatment programs by 75 percent. After a pointless three-month standoff, she ended up signing a budget little different from the one she vetoed.
“Despite warning a year ago that cutting business taxes would hurt state revenues, she now wants the Legislature to spend the anticipated surplus.
“Yet Gov. Hassan hasn’t yet managed to spend the money already appropriated by the Legislature. The 10-bed crisis unit at New Hampshire Hospital isn’t open. Disabled adults are still waiting for services. Hassan should run programs already funded by the Legislature before begging for more cash.”