May 2, 2016

ICYMI: Union Leader: “Checked Out: Backtracking Hassan Still Breaks Promise”

ICYMI: Union Leader: “Checked Out: Backtracking Hassan Still Breaks Promise”


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CONCORD – Sunday’s Union Leader editorial featured a scathing review of Governor Maggie Hassan’s handling of alleged failures at the Division of Children, Youth, and Families. From her “broken promises” to her “flip-flopping” on how to conduct the investigation, Hassan’s failure to hold officials in her own administration accountable for the safety of children raises serious questions about her management of state government. Read the full editorial here or check out excerpts below:

Union Leader:

“Back in October, Hassan promised relatives of two murdered girls an “independent review” of the cases amid allegations state officials knew they were putting the girls in dangerous homes.

“She then handpicked the group doing the review, and put a panel of her apparatchiks in charge of it.”

“But in March, Director Lorraine Bartlett said auditors would not actually be looking into the deaths of Sadie Willott and Brielle Gage, but instead examine a random sample of DCYF cases.”

“Hassan quickly overruled Bartlett and renewed her promise.”

“On Wednesday, the Hassan administration backtracked again, claiming pending criminal cases precluded a review of the state’s role.

“Hassan’s flip-flopping on the DCYF audit represents a broken promise from a governor unwilling to hold her administration accountable as she seeks federal office.”

Read the entire editorial here.