April 13, 2016

GOPVets Launches New Hampshire Task Force

GOPVets Launches New Hampshire Task Force

For Immediate Release: April 13, 2016
Press Contact: Ross Berry,

Concord, NH – Today, NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn, NHGOP Vice Chairman Matt Mayberry, State Senator Regina Birdsell, and New Hampshire legislators launched the GOPVets New Hampshire Task Force. GOPVets was established as the Republican Party’s military and veteran engagement program dedicated to recruiting more veterans to directly participate in the 2016 elections. This is the largest veterans engagement effort ever undertaken in New Hampshire.

Following the press conference, NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement: “Throughout her campaign, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly downplayed the breadth and depth of the VA scandals by stating that the problems are not ‘widespread,’ but we know not the case as we’ve seen in Manchester. If she is sent to the White House, nothing would change. That’s why GOPVets is seeking to empower grassroots activists throughout the Granite State by encouraging veterans to get involved in the political process. There is too much at stake this November to sit on the sidelines. It’s time to work together to deliver the Republican message of a powerful military and proper care for our veterans to every corner of New Hampshire.”

NHGOP Vice Chairman and GOPVets New Hampshire Task Force Chairman Matt Mayberry added: “As a veteran, I understand that our veterans have been ill served by a broken Veterans Administration and that is a failure on President Obama’s watch. Unfortunately, Secretary Clinton is promising more of the same rhetoric. However, I am pleased to chair the GOPVets New Hampshire Task Force to get more veterans involved in the political process and advocate for policies that will strengthen our nation and prioritize the health of our fellow veterans. GOPVets will give us a strong voice by providing veterans with unprecedented resources, training, and authority to command the field effort and engage every community. I look forward to holding GOPVets Days of Action events in every corner of NH and bringing thousands of conservative veterans to the polls in November.”

Goals of the GOPVets New Hampshire Task Force will include:

  • Encourage new veteran voters to go to the polls
  • Raise the visibility of veterans’ issues in politics by getting more veterans into politics
  • Advocate for a strong national defense to defend our homeland and national interests abroad
  • Hold officials accountable to ensure veterans receive the benefits they have earned
  • Call for accountability, transparency, and reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs

In New Hampshire, GOPVets Days of Action kicked off yesterday, April 12th, at the Vietnam Veterans Awareness event in Hollis. While there, volunteers petitioned to reform the VA and recruited veteran volunteers for the task force. More information on the GOPVets Task Force can be found at www.Vets.GOP.


Members of the GOPVets NH Task Force join NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn for a press conference.