January 19, 2018

Forrester Statement on Governor Sununu’s School Infrastructure Safety Fund

For Immediate Release: 1/19/2018
Contact: Patrick Hynes, (202) 321-5310

CONCORD – NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester released the following statement regarding Governor Sununu’s School Infrastructure Safety Fund:

“Governor Chris Sununu’s leadership on establishing the School Infrastructure Safety Fund continues to expand upon the impressive leadership he and Commissioner Frank Edelblut have shown on Education. Today, Governor Sununu spoke with the Joint Fiscal Committee on investing over $10 million into 170 school infrastructure projects throughout the State of New Hampshire. These projects will target necessary updates, combating asbestos and lead paint exposure in schools, making New Hampshire’s schools the safest in the nation. This investment of state funds will go to great lengths to lessen the burden on local property tax payers, giving the people of New Hampshire even more of their hard-earned tax dollars.”