March 30, 2017

Forrester Statement on Democrat Attacks on Gordon MacDonald & Judge Neil Gorsuch

Forrester Statement on Democrat Attacks on 

Gordon MacDonald and Judge Neil Gorsuch

CONCORD***Republican State Chair Jeanie Forrester issued the following statement on the New Hampshire Democrat Party’s attacks on Gordon MacDonald, Gov. Chris Sununu’s nominee to serve as Attorney General.

“Without stopping to think for even a moment, the New Hampshire Democrat Party attacked Gordon MacDonald only moments after Gov. Chris Sununu nominated him to serve as Attorney General. Meanwhile, Democrat office holders and legal experts ladled praise on MacDonald, his ethics, and ‘sterling credentials.’ We’re seeing the same shoot-first-ask-questions-later obstructionism play out on the national stage as liberals desperately try to stop the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, whose credentials and ethics are also sterling. Again, we see New Hampshire Democrats are out of line and out of touch with regular Granite Staters.”


What Democrats are Saying about Gordon MacDonald

Democrat Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky: “I know Mr. MacDonald to be a very ethical lawyer; I am not concerned about his ethics.”

Democrat Executive Councilor Chris Pappas: “He’s got sterling legal credentials, community involvement, and he comes highly recommended by folks that I trust.”

Democrat former-Chief Justice John Broderick: “a highly respected lawyer, a very decent and compassionate person of the highest integrity, and a great listener with very sound judgment.”