February 10, 2017

Forrester to Shaheen: Do. Your. Job.

Forrester to Shaheen: Do. Your. Job.


New Hampshire Republican State Chairman Jeanie Forrester issued the following statement on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen flip-flopping on a fair up-or-down vote for Judge Neil Gorsuch:

“For a year, Sen. Shaheen has told Granite Staters the Supreme Court of the United States cannot function with only eight members. And just this week, Sen. Shaheen stood on the Senate floor and said Judge Neil Gorsuch deserves a fair up-or-down vote. Now, suddenly Sen. Shaheen demands Judge Gorsuch meet a 60-vote, filibuster-proof threshold. This is a blatant, partisan, and cynical flip-flop on the part of Sen. Shaheen.”

“It’s not lost on us that Shaheen flip-flopped only after Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced his new 60-vote threshold gimmick. Sen. Shaheen, you work for New Hampshire, not Chuck Schumer. Do. Your. Job.”


Flip …

“Everyone I Talk to Agrees [Judge Gorsuch] Should Get and Up-or-down Vote.”

Flop …

“Sen. Shaheen has concerns about his candidacy and believes his nomination should receive a vote with a 60-vote threshold.”