January 7, 2018

Forrester: Maggie Hassan is unfit for office

For Immediate Release: 1/7/2018
Contact: Patrick Hynes, (202) 321-5310

CONCORD – NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester today issued the following statement in response to Sen. Maggie Hassan’s claim that President Donald Trump is unfit to serve in high office:

“During the 2016 campaign for U.S. Senate, Tom Hassan was under investigation by the Major Crimes Unit of the New Hampshire State Police for mishandling alleged sex crimes at Phillips Exeter Academy. Maggie Hassan would assuredly have lost the election for U.S. Senate if this information was released. Astonishingly, the public was left in the dark about this blockbuster revelation until just last month. Maggie Hassan, not Donald Trump, is unfit for high public office.”


Hassan calls Trump ‘unfit to serve,’ while Lewandowski defends former boss