March 17, 2017

Chairman Forrester Commends Senate for Flurry of Action for Small Businesses and Working Families

Forrester Commends Senate for Flurry of Action 

for Small Businesses, Working Families

CONCORD — Republican State Chair Jeanie Forrester issued the following statement on the New Hampshire Senate’s flurry of action this week to help small business owners and working families.

“This week, the New Hampshire Senate led the way in helping job-creating small businesses that power our economy and working families of the Granite State. The bold actions taken by the Senate bring us closer to attracting new businesses to New Hampshire, creating more good-paying jobs, improving access to affordable healthcare, and increasing salaries and wages for working Granite Staters. Republican leadership is bringing prosperity and opportunity to New Hampshire.”


This week, the Republicans in the New Hampshire Senate have taken a step in the right direction to ensure protections for small businesses by voting to advance the following legislation:

SB149, authorizing individuals and businesses to purchase health insurance from out-of-state companies.

SB2-FN-A, reducing the rates of the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax.

SB205-FN-A, establishing the small business jobs fund and tax credit.

SB244-FN-A, relative to exemption of income from taxation under the tax on interest and dividends.