Bylaws Frequently Asked Questions

– What are the NHRSC bylaws?


The bylaws are the rules that govern the New Hampshire Republican State Committee (“NHRSC”).  They include the powers and responsibilities of the state party, the NHRSC’s officers, and the county and city committees that comprise the NHRSC.


– How are the NHRSC bylaws amended?


The bylaws can only be amended at a meeting of the full NHRSC.  An amendment requires a two-thirds vote of the NHRSC members present and voting.


– What is the Standing Bylaws Committee?


The Standing Bylaws Committee was created by NHRSC Chair Jeanie Forrester shortly after her election.  The committee is appointed by the Chair and is composed of ten active members of the NHRSC who have exhibited an interest in and familiarity with the bylaws.  The purpose of the committee is to propose amendments to the bylaws and to consider and make recommendations on amendments proposed by other NHRSC members.  The reason the committee is a standing committee (i.e., permanent) is to foster expertise in the bylaws by the committee members, provide a known and stable resource to NHRSC members who wish to understand or amend the bylaws, create a more deliberative process for consideration of bylaws amendments, and significantly improve communications between those responsible for making recommendations about the bylaws and the members of our county and city committees.


– Who can propose amendments to the bylaws?


Any current member of the NHRSC can propose an amendment to the bylaws.  You are a current member of the NHRSC if you were elected to a county or city committee at a caucus in December of 2016 (or you have been elected to replace someone elected at the caucus) and you have not resigned, become disqualified (e.g., by changing your party registration), or been removed under your county or city bylaws.   Just because you were elected as a delegate to the NHRSC convention in the September 2016 state primary or you were a nominee of the party for state office does not mean you are a member of the NHRSC.  Contact the NHRSC to find out whether you are a current member.


The Standing Bylaws Committee can also propose such amendments.


– How do I propose an amendment to the bylaws?


All proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Standing Bylaws Committee by the deadline.


You can access a submission form here.  You should identify the section of the bylaws you wish to amend and provide a “redlined” version of your amendment (called “Track Changes” in Microsoft Word).  To provide a “redline,” start with the current language of the part of the bylaws you want to amend.  If you want to delete some of that language, show that deletion by striking through the deleted language.  If you want to add language, show that language in a way that distinguishes it from the rest of the text.  For example, you can put the new language in bold italics or you can underline it or use a different color as a font.


You can also submit a “conceptual” amendment to the Standing Bylaws Committee.  This can be as simple as “I think the bylaws should be amended so that . . . .”  If you propose a conceptual amendment, though, it will very likely not be presented until the annual meeting in 2019.


– What is the deadline for submission of proposed amendments to the bylaws?


For the January 2018 annual meeting, the deadline for submission to the Standing Bylaws Committee is October 1, 2017.


– What happens to my proposed amendment after I submit it?


At its October 2017 meeting, the Standing Bylaws Committee will examine and discuss all proposed amendments it has received by the deadline. It will hold a public hearing on all proposed amendments on October 24, 2017. It will vote at its November meeting on its recommendations on each amendment. The proposed amendments and the committee’s recommendations will then be forwarded to the executive committee for discussion.


– Can my proposed amendment be changed by the Standing Bylaws Committee or anyone else?


That depends.  Your proposed amendment can’t be changed by the Standing Bylaws Committee without your consent.  On the submission form, you can give the Standing Bylaws Committee permission to make (1) grammatical, spelling, or technical changes; (2) any changes the committee deems appropriate; or (3) only those changes you approve in writing.  Allowing changes can enhance the chances that the committee will recommend adoption of your amendment.  If you do not give the committee permission to change your amendment, it will be submitted to the executive committee as you presented it.  The executive committee cannot change your amendment, but it does have the authority to combine amendments that are similar into a single amendment.


– If the Standing Bylaws Committee does not support a proposed amendment, is it still considered at the NHRSC annual meeting in January?


What is considered at the annual meeting depends on the rules adopted by the full NHRSC for the meeting.  The rules have typically included a way for every proposed amendment to be considered, but the rules may be different for amendments recommended by the Standing Bylaws Committee and those that the Standing Bylaws Committee does not recommend.  For every amendment that comes before the annual meeting, a representative of the Standing Bylaws Committee will provide the committee’s recommendations on the proposed amendment, but the decision whether to adopt the amendment is up to the NHRSC members.


– Can amendments to the bylaws be proposed on the floor at the NHRSC annual meeting?


Typically, not without a suspension of the rules.  One purpose of the Standing Bylaws Committee is to provide careful consideration of proposed amendments and an opportunity for the county and city committees to fully understand each proposal.  The time constraints at the annual meeting are not conducive to giving new proposals full and fair consideration.


– Can proposed amendments to the bylaws be altered by the NHRSC at the annual meeting?


Typically, not without a suspension of the rules.


– Where can I find the proposed bylaws amendments that will be considered at the next NHRSC annual meeting?


The amendments proposed by the Standing Bylaws Committee for the 2018 annual meeting may be found here.  The amendments proposed by NHRSC members, along with the Standing Bylaws Committee’s recommendations, will be posted here after the Standing Bylaws Committee has voted on its recommendations at its November 2017 meeting.